A two-year condensed classroom program has been designed by our expert team for students of class XI, XII who joins our two-year classroom program. The students can cope up with their school studies IIT-JEE, NEET training while attending this program at ease.


All the good physics teachers are well qualified and efficient who collaborate with their students and adapt to new and unique teaching methods.Bidya classes  is an example that’s determined to teach by using latest technology.


This subject demands specific method and right way to translate this complicated science into interesting subjects. Our teachers apply hands on approach to make this subject simple and easy for students.


Have we explain the concepts using different new methods such modeling it and using tools in class to demonstrate it visually.


The best way to improve your understanding are learning the vocabulary associated with biology and studying on top of the material are the best ways to improve your comprehension of biology and be ready for every exam and very interesting if you take a step back to think about what you are studying.


For class VI – X students, foundation classes are designed and delivered from most efficient teachers from India remotely, attend classes, practice form tests & engage. Apply Now. Highest success rate, Best study material & continuous practice test. 

JEE (Main & Adv.)

Special feature for student joining one year extended classroom program for JEE (main & Adv.) will be benefited with some extra features like crash revision with full thrust on JEE 2022 so that student can achieve their desired rank in JEE 2022. For further information u can contact BIDYA CLASSES at the earliest.